Recognizing Your Gift

From beehives to benches, and food security to a living lab, there are so many ways this exciting initiative will support the community and as a donor, you are a part of that.

Thank you!

We can’t thank you enough for the outpouring of support and kind messages we received during the first year of A Vision in Bloom! On this page you can see some of the messages we have received and a list of people who are being honoured through your gifts.

All donations to A Vision in Bloom will receive a tax receipt and the invitation to stay in touch on upcoming garden activities, tours and events.

Vision in Bloom donor events

As a supporter of the gardens at Royal Roads through A Vision in Bloom, we’ll invite you to join us for exclusive tours and events celebrating the wonder of this special place. Scroll down for highlights of the our most recent events. Please contact us if you wish to invited to any upcoming events.

Students walking on campus in Spring

In your own words ...

Karen Strawn Samis and William Samis in honour of the Glass House

We hope this gift will help support work we believe is important to the community.  We thank you for all you do to make it possible and send you our good wishes.

Paul Dittmann in honour of RRMC Grad Class of 1990

At Roads, I spent 4 unforgettable and very formative years of my life my closest friends with whom I still speak daily. As the Wing Duty Cadet […] we knew every ditch and hideout on the whole 640 acres. It’s amazing the fun we had and that we actually passed any of our exams. Sign me up and I’ll do it again.

Grace Brouwer

I wouldn’t have made it through my program without the gardens at RRU!

Pottinger Gaherty Environmental Consultants Ltd.

Proud to be part of this project at RRU!

Your inspirations to give are as diverse as the people who have always come to this place to live, learn, and renew.

You’ve made your gifts in honour of:

RRMC Class of 61

RRMC Class of 70

RRMC Class of 72

RRMC Class of 73

RRMC Class of 75

RRMC Class of 90

MALT 1 Class of 1998

Capt (Ret) Attila S. Kostya

Jan Laurie

Steve Burridge


David Oke

Kevin Denouden

Marie Susanne Gunn

Kenneth Ketchum

Jill Stocks

Paul Jarman

Shelley Deglan

Kenneth Symonds Family

Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside

“My beautiful parents”

“My daughter Tracey”

The Japanese Gardens

The Glass House

Join us in the gardens

RRU Bonsai with Mark Paterson

We are pleased to share a little peek into a local donor event with RRU’s Bonsai Artist Mark Paterson who shared insights on the art of bonsai.

Waking up the Roses with Greg Higgs

We are pleased to share a behind-the-scenes and “top tips” video from rosarian Greg Higgs, who shows us how and when to “wake up the roses” for the year ahead.