Plant starts next to a yellow watering can.

Local food leaves little carbon footprint

Solara Goldwynn, food systems manager for Royal Roads University’s Giving Garden, speaks on Conversations Live with Stuart McNish about the university’s local solution to address food insecurity.

In an excerpt from her interview, she shares a garden update:

“The garden was created with a sheet mulch, so that means we do not do any digging or tilling. So, this method of gardening helps to keep the carbon in the ground and keep the weeds in the ground. It’s a really good demonstration of how to do low-impact agriculture.

“This past year, we produced over 1,000 lb. [of produce], which is quite a lot for a small garden. The Giving Garden model is just a small example of what you can do when you turn a lawn into a productive food garden.”

Watch the full Conversations Live panel featuring President Philip Steenkamp on the topic of food security and climate-smart agriculture.