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Class of ’69 gives back in memory of Ted Bade

They began their decades of service to their country together in a special place. Now, the Class of 1969 from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) is looking to the past while contributing to the future of Royal Roads University. And they’re doing it in the name of a fallen classmate and comrade.

Flowers and friendship bloom in historic gardens

Gardeners Emma Lansdowne and Jessie Phillips pour more than compost and fertilizer into the flower beds at Royal Roads. They pour a whole lot of love, too. Meet the green thumbs and best friends who have been tending these gardens for more than a decade.
Bees from the Royal Roads apiary

Bees produce a buzz in Royal Roads gardens

Bee health is critically important to global health: bees are the most important pollinator of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and more than a third of the world’s crop production depends on bees for pollination. The world needs more bees, and your gift will help us expand our apiary to enhance food security in our community and grow our living laboratory for students, educators and researchers.

How does this garden grow… community?

From advancing organic soil science to exploring Indigenous harvest rituals, the seven-acre Walled Garden has limitless potential to serve as a living laboratory, engaging students, educators, researchers and volunteers from diverse West Shore communities. With donor support, we plan to do just that. Help us transform this historical space into a model organic garden that boost food security and feeds community.

Preserving history in Royal Roads’ ‘Glass House’

The only building on the Royal Roads campus still used for its original purpose, the Glass House within the Walled Garden has nurtured seedlings for over 100 years. With donor support, this unique heritage structure will serve as a dynamic hub of teaching, learning and research well into the future.

Nature is for healing

Royal Roads’ grounds and gardens are not only a beautiful backdrop to a life-changing education, but also a lush landscape for mental wellness. Your gift will improve access to this powerfully restorative landscape and help build community resilience.
Italian Gardens

Renewal and rejuvenation at Royal Roads

For some people, Royal Roads University is all about the past. For some, notably its students, Royal Roads is all about the future. Now, in the present, the university is working to preserve its past as an enduring gift to its future — and to the community that surrounds it.
Water wheel in Japanese Garden

Renewal for Royal Roads’ iconic water wheel

The waterwheel in the Japanese Gardens is a powerful symbol of rebirth and regeneration, and an example of how man, machine and nature can work together in harmony. This iconic feature was skillfully restored by local artisans thanks to the generous support of community donors.
Wisteria in Italian Garden

Gardens & Healing

Did you know it takes only 120 minutes each week to experience the many health benefits of time in nature? Today, Hatley Park welcomes more than 20,000 visitors each year, free of charge. Your gift will improve access to this powerfully restorative landscape, and help build community resilience.