Our Stories

Our stories are as diverse as the people who have always come to this place to live, learn, and renew.

In our ancient woods, you can still find evidence of bark being carefully stripped from cedar trees for traditional Indigenous uses, such as making ropes, nets, clothing and blankets.

Perfectly preserved beer bottles left behind by early 19th century workers evoke a period of architectural construction that created many of the formal gardens our visitors treasure today.

The “Rosa Navy Lady”, a wonderful red specimen in our rose garden, honours the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (the “Wrens”) during the Second World War.

The beautiful tall white naval mast in the walled garden is a perfect example of the enduring value of legacy giving here at RRU. The Mast Site Memorial Plaza commemorates the men and women who lived and learned at Royal Roads during its 55 years as a Royal Canadian Naval College.

You can be part of the Royal Roads story through a gift that helps bring our community’s rich history alive.

1,000 pounds and growing: RRU Garden helps feed community

Royal Roads University’s Giving Garden, part of A Vision in Bloom, is helping fight food insecurity on Vancouver Island

How a traditional teahouse is bringing a piece of traditional Japanese culture to Royal Roads

Thanks to a local donation, a traditional teahouse is part of the plans for RRU’s Japanese gardens

Royal Roads’ kitchen garden is producing

Right now we are giving the community 120 pounds of organic produce a week, grown right here on campus in our Giving Garden, funded by your donations to A Vision in Bloom.

RRU’s historic Japanese Gardens are getting a major redesign

CBC Victoria's Adam van der Zwan took a walk with the garden's new architect Hayato Ogawa and Director of Operations Ron Granados to find out more about major plans for the historic Japanese Gardens.
Spring in the Japanese Gardens

Business professor’s memory to be honored

Dr. Steven Glover’s legacy to be honoured with commemorative bench on campus

100 years of history and the heritage fruit trees of Royal Roads

When is a banana not a banana? When it’s a Winter Banana! (Which is a type of apple and one of RRU’s heritage fruit trees.)

The century-old “glass house” at Royal Roads remains a vital asset on campus

A Vision in Bloom: restoring the historic glass greenhouse on RRU grounds

The power of the picnic table resonates with Royal Roads MBA grads 16 years later

2005 MBA cohort raised $5,000 for Royal Roads and picnic table they donated has been refurbished for future student use.

What’s in the (water) works at Royal Roads

The ponds and fish ladders in RRU’s gardens go back more than a century and are getting upgrades as part of A Vision in Bloom.