Japanese Teahouse

Designed at the turn of the last century by Isaburo Kishida and then Tadashi Noda, the Japanese Gardens were among the first of the formal gardens built at Hatley Castle. Now more than 100 years later, this peaceful and free oasis has reached a venerable age necessitating urgent care.

RRU is advancing a full-scale restoration and expansion of the Japanese Gardens, which will include the development of a fully functioning teahouse and adjoining garden, a new entrance gate and wall with a mikoshi room, a Zen garden, a cherry blossom community area and bonsai garden, washrooms and a gift shop, and upgrades to pathways and waterways.

Our vision: To curate a destination Japanese Garden for Canada’s West Coast while restoring the gardens to their former splendor.

Bringing the Vision to Life: The Japanese Gardens restoration and expansion is a multi-phase initiative. Phase 1 is already underway with the establishment of a hand-crafted teahouse and adjoining garden, which is expected to open this fall provided urgently needed donor support is secured.

With your support, the construction of the teahouse could be complete by Fall 2024, enabling community members and RRU students to gather for tea ceremonies, immersive learning experiences and other community events.

Thoughtful design and carefully selected wood shapes teahouse

Japanese teahouse on RRU campus is product of three years of design and preparations, and it all starts with the wood.

How a teahouse is bringing a piece of Japanese culture to Royal Roads

Thanks to a lead donation, a teahouse is part of the plans for RRU’s Japanese gardens

RRU’s historic Japanese Gardens are getting a major redesign

CBC Victoria's Adam van der Zwan took a walk with the garden's new architect Hayato Ogawa and Director of Operations Ron Granados to find out more about major plans for the historic Japanese Gardens.

What’s in the (water) works at Royal Roads

The ponds and fish ladders in RRU’s gardens go back more than a century and are getting upgrades as part of A Vision in Bloom.

RRU Bonsai with Mark Paterson

We are pleased to share a little peek into a local donor event with RRU’s Bonsai Artist Mark Paterson who shared insights on the art of bonsai.

He devoted a lifetime to bonsai. Soon, you’ll be able to see his trees at Royal Roads

Dick and Bette Geisreiter donated over 100 bonsai to Royal Roads University to be enjoyed in the university’s Japanese garden.
Hayoto Ogawa and Vera Gammert in the Japanese Gardens at RRU

Rejuvenation of Royal Roads’ Japanese gardens will build on tradition — and perfection

A major upgrade of Royal Roads University’s tranquil Japanese gardens is a key piece of its Vision in Bloom fundraising campaign.

Japanese Gardens’ history is entwined with the men who made it

Isaburo Kishida and Tadashi Noda were the designers behind Royal Roads University’s verdant and serene Japanese Gardens.
Water wheel in Japanese Garden

Renewal for Royal Roads’ iconic water wheel

The waterwheel in the Japanese Gardens is a powerful symbol of rebirth and regeneration, and an example of how man, machine and nature can work together in harmony. This iconic feature was skillfully restored by local artisans thanks to the generous support of community donors.