Glass House Restoration

Situated within the Farm at RRU, the Glass House has been nurturing seedlings and propagating plants – from the commonplace to exotic – for over 100 years. And we need your help to ensure it continues to do so.

With donor support, we envision a future where this unique heritage structure will propagate more than seedlings, becoming a “living lab” – a vibrant hub for teaching, learning and research at Royal Roads.

Your donations will enable us to move forward with planned restorations to this impressive Edwardian structure, including upgrades to wood framing and the replacement of failing glass and seals, with an eye to improve accessibility for all visitors.

The century-old “glass house” at Royal Roads remains a vital asset on campus

A Vision in Bloom: restoring the historic glass greenhouse on RRU grounds

Growing and giving: Royal Roads’ kitchen garden to produce food

RRU’s kitchen garden is the lynchpin of Vision in Bloom, a campaign to restore the university’s historic gardens and grounds.
Front of the Glasshouse

Preserving history in Royal Roads’ ‘Glass House’

The only building on the Royal Roads campus still used for its original purpose, the Glass House within the Walled Garden has nurtured seedlings for over 100 years. With donor support, this unique heritage structure will serve as a dynamic hub of teaching, learning and research well into the future.