In keeping with our strategic vision to “support and preserve the vibrancy and sustainability of this special place for all the generations that are going to come”, we’re seeking your support to help us recognize and honour the past while creating new opportunities for you, your families, friends and visitors to experience the sublime beauty and abundance of this amazing site.

As a public university, Royal Roads funding focuses primarily on teaching, learning and research. While some funds are available for groundskeeping, philanthropic support is needed from the community in order to make many of the necessary significant infrastructure improvements to the hundred-year-old gardens.

In 2022, we hope to raise $250,000 to continue work underway and begin several large multi-year projects.

Hands holding a grate full of fresh vegetables

Your gift will help transform the historic walled garden to provide an abundance of organic produce to share with the community while supporting learning and research at RRU.

Tea Pavilion in Japanese Garden

Your gift will help bring new life to a century-old treasure, enriching and rehabilitating RRU’s original Japanese Gardens to become a destination experience on Canada’s West Coast.

Your gift will help us with the exciting project of reimagining and restoring the historic Glass House in our walled garden—one of Canada’s oldest working greenhouses.

Your gift will help us to enhance the enjoyment of the gardens while honouring someone you love or celebrating an important occasion in your life.